Refreshed Guide 2024: The Typical cost for many everyday items in Derby (UK) For Worldwide Understudies

Every year, numerous international students enroll in Derby, UK, attracted by its higher education offerings. The University of Derby, located in the city, is ranked 48th out of 121 UK universities, adding to Derby’s popularity among students worldwide. For those planning to live in Derby, it’s essential to make prior arrangements, especially regarding the cost of living. Here’s an updated guide for 2024 on the cost of living in Derby for international students.

Cost of Student Accommodation in Derby:

  1. Student Housing: Prices start from less than £100 per week, with the lowest-priced accommodation at £78 per week and the highest-priced at £180 per week.
  2. University Halls: Studios or ensuite student rooms in university halls range from £600 to £800 per month.
  3. Homestay: Available at £30 per night, £189 per week, or £720 per month.
  4. Private Apartments: Prices range from £500 to £600 per month for the lowest-priced accommodations and up to £3,009 per month for the highest-priced accommodations.

Costs of Meals and Groceries in Derby:

  • Inexpensive restaurant meal: £17
  • Meal for two in a midrange restaurant: £50
  • McMeal in McDonald’s: £8.48
  • 1 liter of regular milk: £0.98
  • 500g of fresh white bread: £1.36
  • 1 kg of white rice: £1.70
  • 1 kg of local cheese: £8.07
  • 1 kg of tomatoes: £1.93
  • 1 kg of potatoes: £0.56
  • 1 kg of onions: £1.12
  • 1 kg of apples: £2.25
  • 1 kg of bananas: £1.53
  • 1 kg of oranges: £2.27

Bus Fares in Derby:

  • Discounted bus fare: £2
  • Spectrum ticket (adults): £5.80
  • Spectrum ticket (children): £3.82
  • Day bus ticket (adults): £4.60
  • Day bus ticket (children): £3.60

In conclusion, Derby offers diverse student accommodation options at varying prices, along with affordable meals, groceries, and convenient bus fares for students in the city.

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